The Goa Hindu Association

Child and Parental Guidance Centre

Children are the future citizens and it is very important to pay attention to their problems during the formative years of their age so that they develop properly.

In 1979, The Association completed 60 years. Incidentally that year was International Children's year. Taking the opportunity of celebrating both the occasions, the association opened Nalini Panandikar Child Guidance and Vocational Guidance clinic.
Dr. Manohar K. Panandikar and family helped the centre during initial period. Children lagging behind in studies and having behavioural problems were guided properly by the centre. Children were physically and intellectually assessed and then guided accordingly by paediatrician, psychiatrist and trained social worker. Though at the moment this activity is at standstill, the association is thinking in terms of starting a new programme based on the same perspective.

The Goa Hindu Association has conducted and continues to hold free medical camps as a part of its social activity.

Child and parental gudience centre was restarted in November 2012 to guide the parents and the students. Recently this activity has been halted for some time.