The Goa Hindu Association


The first ad hoc committee for drafting the constitution and the rules and the regulations of the Association was formed during the same meeting and the executive committee for the year 1920 was elected later.

During the initial period, the Association had no premises of its own and had to shift from one location to the other. As the activities of the Association started increasing there was a dire need to have premises of its own. On 14th, August, 1959 a building on Lamington road (Dr. Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg of today) was purchased which was named as "Gomantdham" in 1969. Today, the Association occupies the second and the fourth floor of this building where the various activities of the Association are carried out.

The seed that was sown on 24th August, 1919 grew into a huge tree which sheltered, promoted different activities thus opening the doors of the wider sphere to the Goan community. Full credit goes to the unselfish, dedicated work put in by the members which enabled the Organisation to grow against all odds.

Names of the ad hoc committee members who drafted the constitution, rules and regulations of the Association:

  • Mr. Wamanrao Ramachandra Kerkar.
  • Mr. Wamanrao Raghunath Varde Walavalikar
  • Mr. Yeshwant Mangesh Lad.
  • Mr. Ganpat vishwanath Lad.
  • Mr. Mangesh Ramachandra Bastodkar.
  • Mr. Sakharam Vaman Shirgaokar.
  • Dr. Vithal Bhaskar Sukhtankar.
  • Mr. Mangesh Shankar Kantak.
  • Mr. Shamrao Suryaji Bandodkar.
  • Mr. Vasudev Purshottam Mayenkar.
  • Mr. Jaiwant Pandurang Velingkar.
  • Mr. R.S. Kudtarkar.
  • Mr. R. V. Shiveshvarkar.
  • Mr. Damodar Narayan Lotlikar.
  • Mr.Santu Vasudev Gaitonde.
  • Mr. Anant Dattoba Amonkar.
  • Mr. Vaikunt Shivram Shirvaikar.
  • Mr. Vishnu Shreedhar Borkar.
  • Mr. Balawantarao G. Jack.

The Names of the First Executive Committee Members:

  • President: Mr. Yeshwant Mangesh Lad
  • Chairman: Mr. Mangesh Ramachandra Bastodkar
  • Vice chairman: Dr. Venkatesh Padurang Kamat
  • Joint Secretaries: Mr. Yeshwant Mangesh Lad, Mr. Vaikunth Shivram Shirvaikar
  • Joint Treasurers: Wamanrao Raghunath Varde Walavalikar, Mr. Shantaram Madhav Gaitonde