The Goa Hindu Association


"Sincerity of conviction and purity of motives will surely gain the day.
Even a small minority armed with these ideas is destined to prevail against all odds".

These are the words of the great Swami Vivekananda, which were imbibed and put in practice in real sense by a handful of Goan Hindus who came to Mumbai way back in 19th century, to pursue further education and also in search of livelihood.

These youths, though subdued, because of environmental and circumstantial conditions then prevailing in Goa, had innate ambitions and aspirations of their own. They had intense urge to modify, shape and direct their lives with education and exposure they could gain in Mumbai which in turn would get them financial stability.

Though ambitious and motivated, they were away from their homeland and the feeling of insecurity and loneliness haunted them. To overcome these feelings, some Goans staying in the close vicinity gathered together and formed groups. Two of the groups, one in Mohan building at Girgao and another at Navalkar building situated at Kennedy Bridge conducted regular meetings and exchanged their thoughts, ideas through discussions and thereby satisfied their inner instincts.

Further, the like minded members of both the groups had an innovative idea of establishing an organisation, which would inculcate the idea of oneness, brotherhood among the scattered and confused Goan Hindus in the city. The idea behind establishing the organisation was also to create awareness of education among the Goan community and to offer the helping hand in terms of financial assistance to the needy Goans residing in the city as well as in Goa.

The initial meeting was organised at Haji Kasam Wadi (Raghav Wadi, French Bridge of today) and on 24th August 1919, a formal meeting of Goan Hindus was conducted at Maratha High school. This meeting was attended by 125 people. This number was unexpectedly high, bearing in mind the conditions and mental framework of Goans during that period.
The chairperson, Mr.Wamanrao Ramachandra alias Abasaheb Kerkar presided over the meeting and the dignitaries like Mr. Wamanrao R. Varde Walavalikar and others expressed their views and The Goa Hindu Association formally came into existence.