The Goa Hindu Association

Diagnostic Centre

In 1968 on January 21st, a diagnostic centre and pathological laboratory was inaugurated by Dr. J. Leon D'souza who was then Mayor of Mumbai, in the presence of Dr. Vithalrao Shirodkar a renowned Gynaecologist. The centre provided comprehensive medical advice through specialists in various disciplines at nominal charges. The honorary physicians like Dr. D.M. Amonkar, Dr. S.R, Rege, Dr. S. K. Bhandare, Dr. Ramesh Sanzgiri, Dr. sharad Kamat, Dr. J.V. Pai Dhungat, Dr. Yadunath Joshi, Dr.A.S. Vengsarkar and Dr. Leslie Marquis helped the cause.
The Pathological laboratory was headed by Dr. R.R.Naik. The laboratory provided facilities for various clinical investigations.

Further to this, on the occasion of the tenth foundation day of the centre another neuro-therapy department headed by Dr. P. S. Ramani and an eye clinic headed by Dr.Harish Kodiyal were opened. Medical Diagnostic Centre also started immunisation programmes. The dedicated efforts of the members supported by selfless service of the physicians brought the dream of the Association to reality.

In due course of time because of the commercialisation of surrounding area it was difficulat for doctors as well as patients to visit the diagnostic center hence it was closed.