The Goa Hindu Association


(1955) Khadashtak

A play by S.P Joshi, a comedy woven around the warring families of two youngsters in love. The production won top award at the Bombay state (now Maharashtra) annual drama festival.


(1956) Sanshay-Kallol

A play by G.B. Deval, a popular musical comedy. This was also a top award winning production of Kala Vibhag which promoted a few promising musical talents who later established themselves in the professional theatre.

Kareen Ti Purva

(1957) Kareen Ti Purva

A historical play by Mama Varerkar set during Chhatrapati Shivaji 's times. This was also a state award winner drama.


(1959) Sharada

A play by G.B. Deval, a social satire devoted to the subject of uneven marriages. This was another top award winner.

Yudhasya Katha Ramya

(1960) Yudhasya Katha Ramya

Play by Sharadchandra Nifadkar and directed by Nandkumar Raote.

Maranata Kharokhar Jaga Jagate

(1960) Maranata Kharokhar Jaga Jagate

By Bhalchandra Madkaikar and directed by Raghuvir Nevrekar.


(1961) Mricchakatika

By G.B. Deval, a marathi version of Sudraka's Sanskrit original, featuring the star-crossed romance of Charudatta and the courtesan Vasantsena . This was directed by Nandkumar Raote.

Honaji Bala

(1961) Honaji Bala

By C.V. Marathe; a play, devoted to legendary life of Honaji, a laavni poet of Peshwa era. This was a revival directed by Gopinath Sawkar.

Raaygadala Jenvha Jaag Yete

(1962) Raaygadala Jenvha Jaag Yete

By Vasant Kanetkar. This was the first professional drama of the association based on the conflict of temperaments between Raja Shivaji and son Sambhaji. The great veteran Master Dattaram played the memorable role of Shivaji. The direction too was done by Master Dattaram. This play staged over 750 performances.


(1964) Matsyagandha

By Vasant Kanetkar, Music by Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki - a musical play, which gave a new angle to the mythological story of Maharaja Shantanu, his infatuation with the fisher girl Matsyagandha and his relationship with his son and erstwhile heir, Bheeshma. This drama was a great success and staged more than 500 performances.

Lekure Udand Jaali

(1966) Lekure Udand Jaali

By Vasanta Kanetkar, A light hearted satirical play about a young couple desperately wanting a child. Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki's innovative music and veteran M.G. Rangnekar's direction along with a wonderful cast led this play to complete over 450 shows. This was also the first Marathi show to be performed overseas.

Arya Channakya

(1966) Arya Channakya

By Venkatesh Vakil and directed by Bhiku Pai Angle

Dhanya Te Gayani Kala

(1968) Dhanya Te Gayani Kala

By Gopalkrishna Bhobe. This drama was produced after the sad demise of the playwright, supported with music by Bhimsen Joshi. It is a story about Tansen, the musical prot�g� of Emperor Akbar.

Tuzha Tu Vadhavi Raja

(1969) Tuzha Tu Vadhavi Raja

by Vasanta Kanetkar and directed by Master Dattaram.

Sangeet Ekach Pyala

(1970) Sangeet Ekach Pyala

By Ram Ganesh Gadkari and directed by Vasant Gude. Music director - Govindrao Agni.

Atpatchi Rajkanya

(1970) Atpatchi Rajkanya

By Ratnakar Matkari and directed by Madhukar Naik


(1970) Natasamrat

By V. V. Shirwadkar. The Lear like story of a great Marathi Thespian (played first by Dr. Shriram Lagu and subsequently by other eminent artistes of Marathi stage). The tragedy was brought alive by sensitive acting by Late Shanta Jog, playing actors devoted wife. Over 750 shows of this play were performed.

Padmashri Dhundiraj

(1970) Padmashri Dhundiraj

By Nalini Sukhtankar and directed by Mangala Sanzgiri.

Meera Madhura

(1971) Meera Madhura

By Vasanta Kanetkar and directed by M. G. Rangnekar.

Birrhad Bajala

(1972) Birrhad Bajala

By Ratnakar Matkari and directed by Damu Kenkre

Sabhya Grihasta Ho

(1973) Sabhya Grihasta Ho

By Jaiwant Dalvi and directed by Damu Kenkre

Sandhya Chhaya

(1973) Sandhya Chhaya

By Jaiwant Dalvi , directed by Madhav Vatve. A drama which throws light on the desperate situation, the parents undergo, without the support of their children in their old age. In this drama, an old couple deserted by an expatriate son and losing the other on the battlefield decides to end their lives themselves. Madhav Vatve and Vijaya Mehta played the leading roles .The drama staged two hundred shows in addition to seven in Hindi version.

Akhercha Sawaal

(1974) Akhercha Sawaal

By Vasant Kanetkar, directed by Damu Kenkre-A tragedy about a young girl suffering from malignancy and aware of her disease and the dilemma the parents have to face. About 234 shows of this play were performed.This drama claimed the realistic portrayals from Vijaya Mehta and Madhukar Toradmal.

Dista Tasa Nasta

(1975) Dista Tasa Nasta

By Gajanan Mangesh Rege and Ashokji Paranjape and directed by Damu Kenkre.


(1977) Barrister

by Jaiwant Dalvi, directed by Vijaya Mehta. A gripping tragedy centering round an erudite,England trained, Barrrister who avoids female liason for the reasons reaching into his past. Over 200 hundred plays were preformed.

Suryachi Pille

(1978) Suryachi Pille

Vasant Kanetkar,directed by Damu Kenkre


(1979) Abhijyanashakuntalam


Mantarleli Chaitravel

(1979) Mantarleli Chaitravel

By Suresh Khare , directed by Ashok Sathe. An intriguing psychological drama focussing on a mentally insecure girl. During touring a tragic accident occurred which took away lives of eight artistes and technicians of the association, inclusive of upcoming artist Jairam Hardicar and veteran Shanta Jog.


(1980) Durgi

By Jaiwant Dalvi , Damu Kenkre.A drama about a spinster whom marriage with a old flame metamorphoses in a unique manner.

Jithe Chandra Ugvat Nahim

(1981) Jithe Chandra Ugvat Nahim

Jithe Chandra Ugvat Nahim


(1983) Hayvadan

Hayavadan' by Girish Karnad, a Marathi version by C.T. Khanolkar and directed innovatively by Vijaya Mehta

(1982) Ugach Galate Thode Pani

(1982) Abhalache Rang

(1985) Abhidnya Shakuntalam (Hindi)

(1986) Sparsha

(1989) Tase Aamhi Sajjan

(1990) Ha... Terava

(1991) Ain Vasantat Ardhya Ratri

(1991) Nagmandal

(1993) Gomant-Darshan

(1994) Hach Khel Udya Punha

(1996) Tu Tar Chafekali

(1997) Hi Gang Tumchi Aamchi

(2007) Sthal Snehamandir