The Goa Hindu Association

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The initial goal of the Association was to get together the scattered Goan community and hence the organisation did the footwork to get to know the basic problems of the community. Soon they organised lectures by eminent personalities and also the meetings and excursions to bring the Goan community together. It was a difficult and time consuming task but the enthusiasm and perseverance of the members resulted in positive outcome.

Further they organised medical relief fund and helped people with financial assistance, within the framework of rules and the capacity of the Association.

The initial notable activities of the Association were:

  • Kamgar Varg Karya: - To inculcate awareness among the workers as there were no notable worker unions or movements which would support issues related to the welfare of the workers. Mr. Mangesh Shankar Kantak, the founder member of the Association offered his full time invaluable service for the upliftment of this class. Later as the worker movements geared up, the workers group of the Association merged with these movements.
  • Yuvak Kalyan Karya: - Considering students as the pillars of the society, the Association started to motivate students by way of discussions, essay competitions, camps, sports and prizes for excellence in the studies.
  • Hostels in Mumbai and Pune: - Earlier, the students coming in Mumbai for further studies had difficulty in getting residential premises. In order to help these students, The Goa Hindu Association practised a novel idea of starting hostels in Mumbai as well as in Pune. In course of time, after the liberation of Goa, this activity came to an end as institutions of higher education were started in Goa.
  • Mahila Samiti (Women's wing):- Considering the social and educational status of women in the society and in order to bring them in the main stream of the society and give them social exposure, the Association started activities like common Haldikunku, vocational tailoring classes, English and Hindi coaching classes Etc.

Initially, under the presidentship of Smt. Indirabai Narvekar in 1944 and Prof. Gargi Bhatavadekar in 1947, Mahila conventions were conducted. Further in 1958, the Association started a sales counter to sell the home made products to encourage ladies to become financially self-sufficient. In 1968, when Medical Diagnostic centre was opened, ladies wing supported and assisted it.