The Goa Hindu Association

Medi-Help Programme

The foundation of the Association was based on certain goals and the Medical Aid Programme was one of those. During early 20th century, there were epidemics like influenza, malaria, typhoid and medical help was of utmost importance.
In 1921, a subcommittee comprising of Dr. R .P. Mayenkar, Dr. V.P. Kamat, Shri W.S. Borkar, Mr. Mangesh S. Kantak and Mr. Jaiwant Shiva Seth Shirodkar was
formed for setting up of the Medical Relief Fund.
Certain essential articles such as ice bags, thermometers, bed pans were purchased and nearly forty families were benefited by this venture.

In fact, in the second annual report itself it was categorically mentioned that the intention of the managing committee of the Association was to start a hospital. As the Association was still in the developmental stages and also due to monetary constraints the idea did not materialise.
During mid sixties, the members put forth a suggestion to start a diagnostic centre and a pathological laboratory. In 1966 again a sub committee was formed comprising of Dr. D. M. Amonkar, Dr. R. M. Prabhu, Dr. W. D. Telang Dr. V. P. Kamat, Dr. V. A. Kamat,
Mr. P.S. Shirvaikar, Mr. R.S. Kenkre, Mr.J. D. Satoskar Mr. R. V. Nayak, and Mr. V. N. Naik to discuss on the subject and draw a realistic plan for its implementation.

Today the Association has continued this activity in a different form by way of financial assistance provided to needy patients suffering from diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, kidney ailments and undergoing medical treatment. This assistance is also forwarded to patients needing kidney transplants, cardiac surgery or similar expensive medical procedures. The financial assistance in the form of donations is provided by the well wishers of the association.

We have also published a Medi-Help directory which gives details about charitable trusts helping needy and poor patients with financial assistance. Mr. Hareshwar B. Sawe visits the association every Monday and guides the patients or the family members of the patients for filling up the forms and the procedure to approach the charitable trusts which provide medical help. This particular directory has been very well accepted by the patients and we have now printed third print of the second edition. The third edition which includes all the details of the old age homes is on the way to get published.

Mr. Sanjay M. Nandikol, Mr. Umesh Nadkarni, Mr. Vijay Shanbhag, Mr. Vinod Sadvilkar, Mrs. Lajja V. Sharma are the social workers from Vikhroli, Vile-Parle, Andheri, Kurla and Malad who have contributed to their maximum in collecting and updating the information for Medi-Help directory.